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The Bankruptcy process provides an opportunity for a filer to discharge the liability on their current vehicle and relieve them of its financial liabilities; and start fresh.

Ash Auto Group has been helping our clients with this process for years by:

  1. Allowing them to start fresh with a new car loan
  2. Finding various interest rates across 7 vendors
  3. Giving a 3 year comprehensive warranty
  4. Providing Gap insurance up to 150% of a vehicles value
  5. Shipping the new vehicle for FREE directly to your house or place of business


If you’re looking to replace your vehicle when you file we recommend reaching out to Ash Auto Group or booking a time with them below.

Ash Auto Group

Call: (313) 209-8070

AAG Remote Delivery Process
Chapter 13 Filers- New Vehicle Process
Chapter 7 Filers - New Vehicle Process
Leading the nation in bankruptcy auto finance

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